TechLunch Series: Intro to the Tech Community

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In Fall of 2012, the Privacy and Technology Project launched the TechLunch series. The purpose of the series was to bring thought leaders in the privacy space to the Hastings community, faculty, staff and students. The Privacy Project brought in speakers on topics about legal informatics, the Wall Street Journal, and civil liberties. In the Spring of 2014, we relaunched the TechLunch series but with a focus on startups! After a lot of feedback from the Hastings community, we realized there was a huge demand to learn more about the startup space in the Bay Area. We are posting the slides in response to requests to post the slides from the presentation!

Please note,  these slides are a 10k foot level discussion of startups and are part of a series to (1) introduce a mostly legal, non-tech, community to the startup community; and, (2) were used to introduce the staff of the Institute for Innovation Law to the Hastings community.

Link to the PDF: TechLunch Series: Intro to Startups Website Final

Intro to the Tech Community | 12pm–1pm, Thursday February 13th | Room 198-Classroom J

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Ever wonder how these startups grew from boot-strapped founders to a money-grows-on-trees IPO? 

Discover how the Bay Area tech community’s incubators, accelerators, and startups operate from Charles Belle, Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation Law and founder of the Startup Policy Lab. Charles will highlight and explain the cutting-edge trends in the startup community today and show how you can get involved in the action.


The UC Hastings Privacy & Technology Project presents the TechLunch Series to students, faculty, and staff. TechLunch is an opportunity to acquaint and orient the Hastings community as a whole to the ever-increasing development and significance of Bay Area startups and emerging companies in the technology space. The Privacy & Technology Project at the Institute for Innovation Law continues to work to strengthen UC Hastings’ relationship to and significance in the growing technology and startup space. Questions and discussion are encouraged. Food will be provided.

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