Startup Legal Garage Participant Startups

The fall 2016 semester of the Startup Legal Garage is complete! This semester we are working with 33 startups, pairing students with supervising attorneys at leading Bay Area law firms to provide them with free legal counsel. The following is a partial list of participating startups:

Tech Module

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 CareerSofia’s Automated Sales Coaching software delivers deal-specific, sales rep-specific coaching inside of Salesforce. Our goal is to re-create the mind of a great sales leader and provide relevant insights to all sales reps, right when they need them, and in a format that’s easy to use.
 Going Merry

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Going Merry is a common app for scholarships, created to help students find, apply for and receive scholarships in one easy location. Students are matched to scholarships for which they are eligible, can apply to them on the Going Merry site, and never have to worry about filling in the same information multiple times with this common application. Going Merry has a live early beta operating with one school in San Jose. 


 Instapio provides a platform of ambient intelligence for smart environments. The proprietary technology seamlessly merges hardware devices and digital platforms without the need for user interaction, making technology disappear in the background for a smart and connected world.


 Pluma is a web and mobile SaaS solution offering professional development and executive coaching via unlimited in-app messaging with an executive coach. We work with experts in human resources, learning and development and enterprise to deliver an incredible experience that creates lasting value for our clients and partners. Together we are building the next generation of leaders and managers.
Property Passport

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Property Passbook is your comprehensive source for global investment real estate. Our smart data allows you to easily compare global new construction projects to find the right investment option for your needs.  We guarantee lowest pricing for all projects we sell and source discounts up to 25% off the published developer price. Finally – we guarantee your rental return for 5 years.

Logo Replate and Text (1)

 Re-Plate is a nonprofit tech company that matches high quality surplus meals with communities in need... instantly! Since our launch in January 2016, we've rescued over 200,000 pounds of healthy and nutritious food to create 167,000 meals for low income communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.


REDF creates jobs and employment opportunities for people facing the greatest barriers to work. We do it by investing capital and expertise in mission-driven organizations. We help them build their business. Expand their markets. Measure the results. And reinvest in programs to employ more people. We call it social enterprise. It's a revolutionary approach that can transform our economy. By giving people an opportunity to change their lives with a job, REDF believes we can build an America that works for all of us.

sciencevest_logo (1)

ScienceVest (YC F3), a fund and platform for hard-tech and life science companies supporting founders to easily find the best investors for their journey of changing the world through breakthrough science. The founders we work with have developed technology in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Genomics, Sensors, and many other fields at the best research institutions in the U.S. - Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Columbia, among others. We serve as the premier co-investor for founders and investors, by leveraging the best investor network on the planet - Kauffman Fellows - and other networks (YC, Founder Institute, iCorp, and others) to build the right syndicate of investors for the company's journey from lab to IPO.
Skirt the Ceiling


Skirt the Ceiling is a small start-up created to solve the professional woman’s styling and shopping dilemmas. We believe in empowering women by taking the guesswork out of the professional wardrobe, and helping you dress appropriately to project your confidence and showcase your amazing potential.


Upcall is disrupting the $50 billion call outsourcing industry, by offering an alternative to the expensive and time consuming outbound call centers and internal calling departments. Upcall's collaborative platform & API allows businesses from 100 countries to create any type of sales & marketing call campaigns in less than 5 minutes and get instant access to thousands of on-demand callers.
X-Therma Inc.


X-Therma Inc. is developing a state-of-the-art biostorage solution that incorporates a first-in-class hyper-effective (500x) and non-toxic proprietary antifreeze polymer, enabling safer transport and long-term biobanking for advanced stem cell therapies, IVF, organ transplants, and other regenerative medicines. The X-Therma polymers have demonstrated proof-of-concept in cryopreserving biological cells with high recovery and viability. As the technology is scaled, X-Therma can potentially address additional markets with huge potential: engine coolant/industrial heat transfer fluids, airplane deicing, cosmetics, and others.


BioTech Module

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Alaunus Biosciences


Alaunus Biosciences is a preclinical-stage oncology company using a proprietary technology platform to address unmet clinical needs in cancer diagnosis and treatment. We take advantage of the unique protease activity signature present in the tumor microenvironment, and leverage it to develop protease-activated cancer therapeutics and protease-based diagnostic biomarkers.  We are initially focused on developing a laboratory-based assay for risk stratification and early detection of pancreatic cancer.

Cardema logo

Cardema is a digital health company that provides remote monitoring technology to better track patients fluid status and reduce preventable hospital readmissions.


eLutions is developing a continuous, minimally-invasive, glucose monitor for neonatal bedside point-of-care.  Repeated heel pricks, of up to 25% of newborns 24-48 hours after birth, are the standard of care.  This is traumatic for babies and parents.  Caregivers’ aversions to heel pricks is cited for neglect, and missed interventions have led to lifelong muscular motor malfunction and cerebral palsy.