Focus Areas


Startup Legal Garage: Research, Education, & Resources for the Startup Community
Through the Startup Legal Garage, we teach students to become partners in enterprise and more than just “the lawyer in the room.” A new approach to legal education, students bring their deals into the classroom, which allows faculty to harvest hypotheticals in real-time and bring the teaching of legal doctrine alive: an innovative education for an innovative community.

The Privacy and Technology Project: Applied Research & Implementable Tools
The Privacy and Technology Project (Privacy Project) has adopted a technology oriented approach focused on developers: working on the technical side of the privacy equation, with technologists to develop tools with and for technologists. The Privacy Project’s initiatives include applied research to identify upcoming challenges posed by emerging technology; developing new legal and informative tools to support innovation, while protecting consumer privacy; and, operating as a knowledge and resource center for developers to stay abreast of changes in policy discussion and regulations.