The Future of Technology & Democracy: How Tech is Transforming Voting, Elections, & Politics

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February 19, 2015 | 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM 

This Conference, sponsored by the Institute for Innovation Law, will focus on technologists educating representatives of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), prior to proposed rulemaking. Panelists from both coasts, across political lines, and from the biggest tech companies will speak, and sessions will be divided as follows:

Session I — Innovating in Campaign Advertising and Communications
Campaign communication is rapidly expanding beyond traditional media channels—television, radio, and mail—in order to communicate directly with supporters and voters in innovative, new ways. Campaign advertising is evolving as well, making use of new social and connected platforms to target voters. As traditional contextual and demographic targeting wanes and behavioral targeting on an individual scale rises, what are the implications for voters and the public at large?

Session II — Innovating in Campaign Fundraising
The fundraising landscape has changed significantly over the last six years. There are new innovative techniques for identifying prospective donors and encouraging them to contribute as well as entirely new payment technologies to make contributing easier. How will campaign fundraising continue to change, and how will technology be used to facilitate that change?

Session III — Reinventing the Public Square
The public square—that vaunted civic forum of debate and discourse—is quickly transitioning from traditional media to the social platforms of online service providers. How exactly the public square evolves will largely depend on the nuances of that infrastructure and the tools that are built on top.

Session IV — The Future of Big Data for Campaigns & the Question of Privacy
Corporations are just now learning how to harness big data analytics, pattern recognition, and predictive modeling. Political campaigns aren’t far behind. How will campaigns develop and use big data, and what will the impact be for privacy?

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